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Elizabeth Chapman Studio 2018

Elizabeth Chapman Studio 2018

I hope you can see that I created three columns here.  This type should be smaller!

Look below... you see the other LINE I inserted. You must keep lines between sections or you cannot create safely.  What if I used these three columns but then wanted two?  If I did not have a carefully place second line... I would not be able to do it. 

You saw I inserted a photo PLUS you must place your tags in the photo title on regular pages. It is different on blogs or items for sale.

Just showing you how you can maneuver inside as you do your layouts. 

I am still working on this site... but you can always create a site as a trial without money down... or practice on pages that are NOT linked on the nav bars. I wanted to show you how to add apage on the nav but then I moved this to not show on the nav. So only for your eyes and mine.  Just be careful not to delete anything. I still have to come back and clean through this site for Elizabeth and take out the pages that are not being used.  I will continue with this to show you the product page.  Remember TYPE 1 and TYPE 2 are for SEO.  Right now Type 3 is really too large here.  Just keep watching. 

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— Hope K.
Too long too load!!! E Chapman © 2018

Too long too load!!! E Chapman © 2018

Signing off for now. GOing to eat lunch!!   HOpe this helps a tiny bit.  

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It is fun to create and move things around. 

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UH OH.. I did not have a spacer below... watch what I have to do....I cannot do a solid break  watch the black dots. I was lucky to find one... yeah